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Coach K's Northern California JC Rankings - Week 5

Week 5 was a busy week.  Some teams made a statement, while others showed signs of weakness or inconsistency.   The 76th Modesto Tournament, which featured 16 Teams, gave teams the opportunity for better exposure and better competition.  We saw the previously #1 ranked team in my rankings go 0-2 in this tournament, while others jumped up in the rankings with their showing in Modesto.  Some teams traveled to Southern California to face some different faces while other teams took the entire week off preparing for their next tournament.   Here are my Week 5 Rankings

Here is Coach K's unscientific look at his Top 15 in Northern California JC Basketball
*Again, this is not an official ranking, this is only my opinion. This ranking is only as serious as you make it*

1 - Fresno City (12-1)
      As promised, I gave an automatic #1 bid to the team who won the 16 Team Modesto Tournament that spanned 5 days in the Central Valley.  Fresno pulled out 4 more victories on the way to their 11th MJC Tournament title.  Victories included;  DeAnza (2-5) 75-60, Cuesta (6-5) 61-52, Sac City (6-6) 78-55 & Chabot (9-2) in the Championship by a score of 73-57.
      Other key wins this year include Santa Rosa (3-4), Yuba (4-3), Allan Hancock(5-3) & Lassen (8-5).
      Chris Ashanti & Dejon Budreaux both suffered injuries in the MJC Tournament, not sure how long these two will be out.
      Next up Fresno faces Riverside (2-6) at home on Dec 18th @ 5pm.

 2 - San Francisco (10-1)
       CCSF holds solid at #2 after winning the Mt San Antonio Tournament over the weekend.  Victories included; Imperial Valley (4-5) 84-54, Pacifica (95-80) & host team Mt San Antonio (6-3) 76-64.
       Other key wins include 3 over Santa Rosa (3-4), Allan Hancock (5-3) & Sierra (3-5)
       Next up San Francisco competes in the Delta Tournament opening up with host team Delta (4-2) @ 6pm on Dec 20th.

 3 - Ohlone (8-1)
      Ohlone moves up a spot after Yuba went "2 & bbq" in the MJC Tournament.  After opening the season with a loss to Delta, Ohlone has ran off 8 victories in a row with a margin of victory averaging 30 points.  Most recent victory was over Sequoias (2-7) by a score of 74-48.
      Key wins this year include Merritt (5-3) & Diablo Valley (5-1)
      Next up is Merritt (5-3) on December 12th @ 8pm in the San Jose City Tournament

4 - Diablo Valley  (5-1)
      No games but also moves up due to other teams slipping in the rankings.  Hasn't played many games this year, but has some key victories over Cabrillo (5-3), Foothill (4-3), San Jose City (4-3) & Wayne Community College (4-2) from Michigan.
       Next up for DVC is Monterey Peninsula (4-5) in the opening round of the San Jose City Classic on December 12th @ 4pm.

5 - Chabot (9-2)
     Chabot jumps up several spots after taking 2nd in the Modesto Tournament that featured 16 teams.  Last week Chabot had victories over Shasta (2-8) 95-75, Cosumnes River (8-2) 75-58, & Contra Costa (4-5) 73-57 before falling to Fresno City (12-1) in the Championship 57-73.    Starter Cortez Barrett has been out the last 7 games with an injury and center Matt Simpkins did not suit up during the MJC Tournament.
      Key wins this year include Cosumnes River (8-2), Las Positas (4-3) & 2 over Contra Costa (4-5).
      Next up Chabot travels to face San Jose City (4-3) on December 18th @ 7pm.

 6 - Cosumnes River (8-2)
      CRC stays in the top 6 after finishing 5th in the Modesto Tournament with victories over Reedley (3-5) 82-74 , Mendocino (2-6) 82-70 & Cuesta (6-5) 80-76 .  CRC lost to Chabot (9-2) in the 2nd round but came away from the tournament with a solid 3-1 record.    Starting center Daiveon Leverett still has not suited up since the opening weekend for CRC.
      Key wins this year for Cosumnes River include Chabot (9-2), Cuesta (6-5) & Columbia (6-6)
      Next up Cosumnes River faces Lassen (8-5) on the road in the opening round of the Lassen College Classic.  This is a rematch of the opening game of the season between the two, where Lassen came out victorious.

7 - Delta  (4-2)
      Lost to Las Positas (4-3) at home, but with Yuba dropping out of the rankings and only Chabot making a jump, Delta still holds the #7 spot in my rankings.
      Key wins this year Delta include Ohlone (8-1) & Cabrillo (5-3).  These two victories keep Delta in the top 7 despite lossing two games at home, to Columbia (6-6) & Las Positas (4-3).
      Next up is Canada (2-7) on December 13th @2pm in the Foothill College Tournament.

8 - Cabrillo (5-3)
     Cabrillo actually jumps up a couple spots after a mediocre week finishing 1-1.  They were victorious over Sierra (3-5) while falling to Butte (5-5).
     Key wins for Cabrillo this year include Sac City (6-6) & Merritt (5-3)
     Next up for Cabrillo is Napa (3-4) on 12/13 @ 4pm in the Skyline College Tournament

 9 - Yuba (4-3)
     Falls all the way from the #1 spot after a disappointing 0-2 showing in the Modesto Tournament that sent them home early.  Yuba lost to Columbia (6-6) in overtime, and lost to Lassen (8-5) in the Consolation bracket.
     Key wins this year include San Francisco (10-1), Mt San Antonio (6-3) & Sac City (6-6).  The win over San Francisco would normally still propel Yuba higher in my rankings, however, losing 2 games in a row in a tournament at this point in the season has me concerned about their teams progression.
     Next for Yuba is Feather River (2-7) on December 19th @ 4pm in the Santa Rosa Tournament.

10 - Merritt  (5-3)
      Merritt took the week off but still moves up a spot to #10 since Los Medanos slipped in the rankings.  Merritt has a very talented group, and is looking to end Yuba's dominance in the Bay Valley Conference this year.
      Key wins this year include San Jose City (4-3) & Bakersfield (6-2)
      Up next for Merritt is a tough one, where they face Ohlone (8-1) in the first round of the San Jose City Tournament on December 12th @ 8pm

11 - San Jose City (4-3)
     San Jose also took the week off last week, but capitalizes on other teams moving out of the rankings.  SJCC has a talented group and can outscore any opponent on any given night.
     Key wins this year include Lassen (8-5) twice & Sac City (6-6).  The loss at home to Reedley (3-5) will hurt for awhile.
     Up next for 'Speed City' is Alameda (0-3) on December 12th @ 6pm as they host their own San Jose City Tournament.

12 - Lassen (8-5)
      Lassen comes off a solid week where they went 3-1 in the Modesto Tournament taking home the Consolation Championship.  Took wins over Yuba (4-3) 63-61, Siskiyous (7-4) 76-74 & Modesto (5-6) 89-88.   Could be ranked higher but it's difficult the place them ahead of San Jose right now since they suffered 2 losses to SJCC so far this year.
      Other key wins this year include Cosumnes River (8-2), Contra Costa (4-5) & Cuesta (6-5)
      Up next Lassen hosts it's 1st Annual Lassen College Classic where they will face Cosumnes River (8-2) in the first round on December 13th @ 6pm

13 - Las Positas (4-3)
      Breaks my Top 15 for the first time this year after beating #7 Delta on the road by a score of 78-74.  After a 3 game losing streak the Hawks are showing some promise.
      Other key wins include Siskiyous (7-4)
      Up next Las Positas faces West Valley (4-5) in the Skyline Tournament on December 13th @ 2pm

14 - Los Medanos (7-1)
     Drops from the #8 spot after suffering a loss to Monterey Peninsula (4-5) in the 2nd round of the Monterey Tournament.  Took home 3rd place in the tourney with wins over Gavilan (1-5) & Canada (2-7).
     Key wins this year include Siskiyous (7-4).  The loss to Monterey almost took them completely out of my Top 15, but they have had wins over teams like Butte (5-5) & Modesto (5-6) that other teams have struggled with.
     Up next LMC faces Redwoods (6-3) on December 19th @ 6pm in the first round of the Santa Rosa Tournament.

15 - Sacramento City (6-6)
     Came home from the Modesto Tournament 2-2 after taking 4th place in the 16 Team Tournament.  Had wins against Lassen (8-5) 83-76 & Columbia (6-6) 75-54 before falling to Fresno City (12-1) & Contra Costa (4-5).
      Sac City remains a team that can compete with anybody on any given night.  Key wins this year include Lassen (8-5) & Contra Costa (4-5)
     Up next Sac City faces Lane College (Oregon) in the first round of the Siskiyous Tournament on December 28th @ 4pm

Honorable Mention
Santa Rosa (3-4)
     Only one win over a team with a winning record this year, Marin (3-2).  Otherwise has 4 losses, 3 of which they suffered to San Francisco (10-1), and the other to Fresno City (12-1).   Has to get some victories before I can place them back in the Top 15.  Has the toughest schedule in the entire state, but their is no virtue in suffering losses to some of the state's best teams, especially if it's over and over and over again.  Must get some W's, but is up next against San Bernardino(7-2) in the tough Riverside Holiday Tournament on 12/11 @ 3pm.

West Hills (5-3)

Foothill (4-3)

Sierra (3-5)

Skyline (4-2)

Redwoods (6-3)

Contra Costa (4-5)

Modesto (5-6)

Butte (5-5)

Columbia (6-6)

Marin (3-2)

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