Monday, September 21, 2015

Chabot College Pre-Season Showcase Friday schedule (9/25/15)

Basketball is back!

Chabot is hosting it's annual Fall Showcase scrimmages this coming weekend with a different schedule than the CCSF and ARC Showcases.  Chabot has it's games Friday and Saturday, making it the only show on Friday night before the busy weekend.  The Saturday schedule is still being updated, but below is the Friday schedule so you can jump start your weekend.

Chabot College

3:30PM   GYM 1 -  Ohlone vs Sierra

4:45PM   GYM 2 -  Sierra vs Chabot

6:00PM   GYM 2 -  Allan Hancock vs. Cosumnes River

7:15PM   GYM 2 -  Cosumnes River vs. Lassen

8:30PM   GYM 1 -  Chabot vs Allan Hancock
                GYM 2 -  Lassen vs Ohlone

Sunday, September 20, 2015

ARC Fall Showcase Schedule for Saturday & Sunday (9/26 - 9/27/15)

Basketball is back!  ARC will be hosting one of the three Northern California Junior College Showcases this weekend.  These showcases will give fans, family, scouts and coaches their first look at the 2015-16 programs and talent. 

Below is the schedule for the 2015 ARC Fall Showcase held September 26th & 27th, 2015.

Fall Jamboree Game Schedule – Sat & Sunday  9/26 – 9/27
American River College
GYM. 1
GYM. 2    


Modesto vs. Solano
Sac City vs Las Positas


Las Positas vs Modesto
Solano vs Sac City


ARC WOMEN’S Volleyball Game
4:00 PM

American River vs Shasta
Columbia vs DVC

5:10 PM

Foothill vs American River
Shasta vs DVC


Foothill vs Columbia

American River College Showcase
GYM. 1
GYM. 2    


Foothill vs. Sac City
American River vs Solano


DVC vs Solano
Columbia vs Modesto

12:20 PM

Cosumnes River vs Foothill
Sac City vs Mendocino

1:30 PM

Las Positas vs DVC
Chabot vs Columbia

2:40 PM

Modesto vs Siskiyous
Mendocino vs Las Positas

3:50 PM
Siskiyous vs Cosumnes River
American River vs. Chabot

CCSF Nor Cal Juco Fall Jamobree Game Schedule (9/26/15 - 9/27/15)

Basketball is back!

Kicking off the Northern California Junior College season is an array of Pre Season Showcases being held this week. 

Here is the schedule to Nor Cal Juco Fall Jamobree being held at City College of San Francisco this weekend.

Nor Cal Juco Fall Jamboree Game Schedule – Saturday September 26
San Francisco City College
Ct. 1
Ct. 2


Contra Costa vs. Canada
Alameda vs. West Valley


Cabrillo vs. Alameda
     Monterey vs. Delta

12:20 PM

West Valley vs. Napa
Canada vs. San Jose

 1:30 PM

Hartnell vs. Delta
San Jose vs. Contra Costa

2:40 PM

Monterey vs. Napa
Sequoias vs. Cabrillo

3:50 PM

San Francisco vs Yuba
Merritt vs. Santa Rosa

5:00 PM

Merritt vs. DeAnza
Sequioas vs. Hartnell

6:10 PM

Yuba vs. El Camino
Butte vs. Porterville

7:20 PM

San Francisco vs. Santa Rosa
Porterville vs. Marin

8: 30PM
DeAnza vs. Butte
Marin vs. El Camino

Nor Cal Juco Fall Jamboree Game Schedule – Sunday September 27
San Francisco City College
Ct. 1
Ct. 2


Butte vs. Alameda
Santa Rosa vs. El Camino


Contra Costa vs. Ohlone
West Valley vs. Butte

12:20 PM

San Francisco vs. El Camino
Alameda vs. Porterville

1:30 PM

Santa Rosa vs. Monterey
West Valley vs. Contra Costa

2:40 PM

Porterville vs. San Jose
Ohlone vs. Gavilan

3:50 PM

San Francisco vs. Merritt
Yuba vs. Canada

5:00 PM

San Jose vs. Marin
Yuba vs. Monterey

6:10 PM
Merritt vs. Canada
Napa vs DeAnza

7:20 PM
Marin vs. DeAnza
Napa vs. Gavilan

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back for 2015-16 Boy's & Men's Basketball Season!

I know Coach K was MIA for most of the 2014-15 basketball season, but I just want to announce to our readers that I am in a place where I can give more consistent reports.  I appreciate our readers and hope that this year brings lots of excitement.

Friday, December 5, 2014

NorCal Juco Player's of the Month honors via Signal The Light

John Bynum of Signal The Light Basketball has posted a very detailed list of honorees for the month of November for Northern California Men's Juco Basketball.

Heading the list is Player of the Month, Elijah White, of Skyline College.  For full details click here

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coach Popovich preaches some more

Gregg Popovich
Great article and quotes from San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich on why he doesn't watch film on opposing teams.   
“I don’t see any reason to watch film. When my team has a game and [they] have zero turnovers and shoot 60 percent, and the other team scores 40, then I’ll start worrying about the other teams. But until that happens, I’ve got enough to correct and teach on my team, and that’s how I spend my time.”

American Kids Flunking Basketball 101

In 2009 the Wall Street Journal published a very interesting piece on the decline of American basketball, and the influence of AAU.   This article is a bit old, but five years later it may apply more today than ever.   I still think that America has the best athletes in the world, as far as natural athletic ability (running, jumping, etc).   But unlike other sports such as football, basketball requires more than this raw athleticism.   With AAU taking over the summer basketball circuit the American game of basketball is changing, and not necessarily for the better.   This article was written 5 years prior to the San Antonio Spurs completely dismantling the star-studded Miami Heat with their fundamental team play (and predominate foreign roster).  Some very good points from coaches and NBA players alike who have experienced the effects of AAU basketball.

Excerpts from the Article:
“It’s a bad system for developing players,” says Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. “They aren’t learning to handle the ball, they aren’t learning to make plays against pressure. The emphasis with our high-school players is to get exposure and play as many games as you can and show everybody how great you are. If I can win the 11-and-12 year old league and tell all my friends about it, that is a whole lot more important than if my kids actually get any better or learn anything about the game.”In Europe, Mr. Van Gundy says, “those guys are doing five or six practices for every game. They are spending a lot of time in the gym working on individual skills. It’s reversed here.”

By the middle of the last NBA season, as concerns build about his dwindling playing time and rough transition to the NBA, last year’s No. 2 overall pick, Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat, finally conceded a fundamental flaw: No one, at any level in his basketball career, had asked him to play defense. And especially not in AAU. “If you’re playing defense in AAU, you don’t need to be playing,” he says. “I’ve honestly never seen anyone play defense in AAU.”

 Personally, I hope that another trend will soon take flight in American basketball, as players realize their is more to the game than high flying acrobatic dunks and mix-tapes.