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Northern California Men's Juco Final 4 Playoff previews

The California State Community College playoffs are down to the Elite 8, 4 teams in the North and 4 teams in the South.   The winners of tonight's games will move onto the Final 4 in Los Angeles next weekend for the Final 4.
Here is my preview along with links from other websites offering previews for tonights match ups.

Saturday, March 8 – Regional Finals:

#1 San Francisco vs. #4 Chabot

San Francisco:  Overwhelming opponents so far during the postseason with their size and athleticism.  They defeated #16 Delta 76-48 in the 2nd round, and defeated #8 Butte 80-44 in the 3rd round. Both Delta & Butte are great teams, but the personnel just wasn't there to compete with CCSF.

Chabot:  Pulled out two close victories in the opening rounds to make their way to the Elite 8.  Had to go into overtime to defeat #14 Siskiyous 88-76 in the 2nd round, and #12 Cabrillo took them all the way down to the wire in a 76-73 thriller.  But their is always something to say for a team that can pull out the 'W' in close games.

Match up preview:   CCSF has had a dynasty in recent years, but their conference rival has closed the gap this year and has been the toughest competition the Rams have faced in their 28 game win streak.  It's all about match ups this time of year, and Chabot matches up with San Francisco better than any team in their bracket.  Chabot outrebounded CCSF in their first contest by 9, and CCSF needed a foul call on an offensive rebound in the closing seconds to pull out the win in the 2nd win against the Gladiators.

Key Match up:
CCSF                                                              Chabot
PGs:   Dulani Robinson                                     Leo Smith
- The University of Pacific bound Robinson runs the show for the Rams.  But the same is said for Chabot's freshman floor general. They are no stranger to playing against each other, as both played their prep ball in Oakland. In their first two games here is how they performed:

Robinson    FGs 7-27 (26%)  3s 3-10 (30%)  Rbs 6.5  Assts  7.5   Stls 2  TO  4   Pts 14.5
L. Smith     FGs 8-15 (53%)   3s 4-6 (67%)    Rbs 3.5  Assts  6   Stls 4.5  TO  2   Pts 17.5

Other Key players:
Kori Babineaux has averaged 29.5 pts in the first 2 meetings.  Chabot doesn't seem to have an answer for stopping him at this point.
Gabe Bealer was scoreless in the first game, but had a solid 18 pt & 7 reb showing in game 2.
Chuks Iregobu had 20 pts & 5 blocks in game 1, and 9 pts in game 2.

Greg Brown has been shooting the lights out vs. CCSF this season.  7-11 from beyond the arc in the first appearance, and 3-6 in game two for a total of 10-17 (59%).  If he stays hot it can be a long night for the Rams.
Cortez Barrett had 25 pts in the first battle, but only 3 pts on 1-4 shooting in the 2nd game.  Chabot will need Barrett to show up to stay in the contest tonight
Ray Baldwin had 15 pts & 12 rbs in the 2nd game, but only 4 pts & 6 rbs in the first appearance.
- Can these two have good games on the same night vs. CCSF?
Paris Davis dominated the boards in game 1, with 9 rebounds to go with 4 points.  Not bad at only 6'3 playing against the goliath roster that CCSF puts on the floor.  But in game two Davis had more of an offensive showing, putting in 17 pts to go with 2 rebs.

Coach K's observations & keys:
CCSF wants to dominate the boards and push the ball up the court to take advantage of their overwhelming athleticism and size.
Chabot doesn't have the size, but they have the athleticism to match CCSF.  If they can keep Iregobu and the rest of the fast breaking Rams from getting out in transition, Chabot has a better chance than any team left in the playoffs at competing with the Rams.
Chabot has been on fire in the first two games from beyond the arc.  In the first two games they were 28-50 from the 3-point line!  It's hard to imagine losing two games while you shoot 56% from beyond the arc, but then again, they were playing San Francisco.   If they can keep up their hot shooting, this could be a shocker!
Chabot seems to play more players than CCSF, and may have the advantage when it comes to depth.  Can someone step up and make the difference from the bench?
Inside Game advantage goes to CCSF with 7 footer Eleraky, and 6'9 monster Aja.  Unfortunately this is a game they may not be very effective, as this is going to be a fast paced game dominated by quickness and athleticism.  These two can both dominate the offensive boards & Eleraky is a rim protector.  So they definitely can make the difference at the end of the day, regardless of the minutes they may log.

Justin Labagh (CCSF) - has the recent tradition and momentum in his favor.  This is his 4th Elite 8 appearance.   Has won 1 state championship along with 1 state runner-up.
Denny Aye (Chabot) - has experience in his favor.  Has taken 3 different schools to the Elite 8 & beyond.  This is his 10th Elite 8 appearance, but first since coaching at Chabot.  Also has 1 state championship to go with 1 state runner-up appearance.

I'm not going to make any predictions.  This is going to be a state championship caliber game.  If you enjoy big time basketball along with a thrilling playoff environment, make your way up to the CCSF Wellness Center tonight for the 7pm tip-off

#2 Fresno City vs. #3 Santa Rosa

Fresno City:  Made sure they didn't get knocked out early this season, after defeating #15 Foothill 73-61 & #7 Cosumnes River 71-66.  The Rams don't seem to be as dominate as years past, but when you're 30-2 that statement sounds ridiculous.  The Rams will try to win the mental battle first as well as the physical battle.

Santa Rosa: Almost fell out of the playoffs early after having to be matched up with #13 Merritt who took the Bear Cubs to overtime in the 2nd round.  SRJC was victorious in this game 86-76.  They then took on Ohlone in the 3rd round with a final score 67-60.   SRJC is a well-rounded team with a solid inside-outside game.  They seem to be playing better than earlier in the season where they started 7-6 before conference.  They are also hot from beyond the arc, as they shot 29-62 in the Fresno City gym earlier in the year in the 3 day tournament.

Key Players:
Fresno:  Plays so many players you have to look at them as a unit.  But Chris Ashanti is the leading scorer averaging 14.9 on the season, followed by Dejon Budreaux with 8.8 per game.
Santa Rosa:  Led by freshman guard Matthew Hayes and Alec Kobre, who are averaging 16.1 & 15.4 respectively.

Coach K's observations & keys:
Fresno: Will execute their game plan to perfection.  Will play many players and take advantage of every possession & possible opportunity to get an edge in tonight's game.  If their outside shots are falling they will be incredibly tough to beat at home.   And of course, they will put winning the mental battle in the forefront of their game plan.

Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa has played most of the state's top teams this year, with the exception of Fresno City.  Matt Hayes & Alec Kobre are the keys to the Bear Cub offense, and if they can keep their head against the Rams, Santa Rosa could extend their season.  Santa Rosa is shooting 41.2% from beyond the arc this season, and have shot very well in the FCC gym as well.

Ed Madec (Fresno) - a master at finding more than one way to win a game.  Will take advantage of every opportunity to gain an advantage in the game, and if the game is close this can be the difference maker.  Has won 2 state championships at FCC so has the benefit in the experience department to go with the home court advantage.
Craig McMillan (Santa Rosa) - the only team to make it to the Elite 8, consecutively, the last 4 seasons. Therefore, the advantage on momentum goes to McMillan.  If he can keep his team mentally focused on the game and away from the physical and mental assault that FCC will likely institute, SRJC stands a great chance to make the Final 4.

I'm not going to make any predictions.  The worst part of this time of year is that you can only watch one game.  All the games tonight should be very exciting, and it reminds me of how the State Championships used to be an Elite 8 in which you could watch all 4 games at the same location. (We need to find a way to bring this back!)   This game may not be as fast paced as the Chabot-CCSF battle, but this will be a hot shooting, physical grueling battle that should go down to the wire.

Other previews:
Kevin McCarthy reports

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California JC Men's Basketball RPI rating finally out!

We know the CCCAA Athletics moved to a different website provider this year, so things have gone a little slow when it comes to aspects of the website.   The RPI is finally ready for viewing, just one week before the end of the regular season.     Four Northern California Teams Top the list:

Representing Northern California were CCSF, Chabot,  Fresno & Santa Rosa ranked 1-4 respectively in the RPI calculation.

How Northern California Teams are ranked via RPI

#1    City College of San Francisco with an RPI of  .661
#2    Chabot College with an RPI of  .620
#3    Fresno City College with an RPI of  .612
#4    Santa Rosa with an RPI of  .602
#10  Ohlone College with an RPI of .584
#11  Diablo Valley College with an RPI of  .581
#12  Yuba College with an RPI of  .579
#17  Los Medanos with an RPI of  .567
#18  Butte College with an RPI of  .566
#19  Cosumnes River with an RPI of  .558
#25  Lassen with an RPI of  .542
#28  Sierra College with an RPI of  .541
#29  Las Positas with an RPI of  .541
#30  Sacramento City with an RPI of .533

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Coach K's Northern California JC Rankings - Week 14

Weeks 13 & 14 were very exciting and full of great competition and even some upsets.   As we are winding down the road to the end of regular season, I am going to be changing the criteria in my rankings to reflect that of the playoff seeding committee, the best I can.   I don't have a total understanding on how all of this works, and cannot include all categories reflected during the seeding committee meeting.  However, I will use these 4 categories in regards to my rankings.
 * 1)  AQ Record
Record vs. Non-League automatic qualifiers
-   This is the teams record vs. teams that win their conference.  The only teams that are automatic qualifiers in the State Playoffs are teams that win their conference.  So for this category, I will only include the record vs. teams that are currently #1 in their conference.  Keep in mind this can change, as their are several games left in the regular season, and anything can happen!   Also, the criteria says Non-League qualifiers.  So, this seems to not include teams within your own conference.

* 2) QW
Quality Wins (wins vs. teams with 18 or more victories)
-  I will include teams that have currently have over 18 victories, & teams that I project should finish with at least 18 wins during the regular sesason.

* .500W
Wins vs. Teams with a .500 or better record
- Speaks for itself. Will only use teams that are currently .500 or better.

* BL
 Bad Losses (losses to teams with less than 9 wins)
- Will only include teams that I project will have less than 9 wins in this category

 ** In Northern California, 18 teams will make the postseason with 20 teams making playoffs in Southern California.

Here is Coach K's unscientific look at his Top 15 in Northern California JC Basketball for Week 14
*Again, this is not an official ranking, this is only my opinion. This ranking is only as serious as you make it*

 1 - San Francisco (23-1)   Conference (8-0)    (+1)
       Jumps up to the #1 spot for the first time in my rankings.  Also ranked #1 in the State Coach's Poll for this week.
KEY WINS: Chabot (20-5), Ohlone (20-5), Skyline (10-11) twice, Foothill (12-11), Mt. San Antonio (12-9), San Jose City (17-8), Cabrillo (17-6), Santa Rosa (15-8) 3x's, Butte (18-7), Delta (11-11) & Las Positas (11-13)
LOSSES: Yuba (18-4)
      With Chabot taking a loss to Ohlone this past week, it's looking like CCSF is going to take the Coast-North Conference title.  But this conference is one of the toughest in California so anything can happen.
How CCSF looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (2-1)   Santa Rosa can make this (5-1)
QW - (5)    will have 8 if Santa Rosa can win 3 of last 4 games
.500W - (10)
BL - (0)

2 - Fresno City (24-2)  Conference (7-1)    (-1)
      Drops a spot in my rankings after falling to Sequoias in conference play.   Already fell to #2 in this weeks coaches poll, but I considered keeping them at #1 until the COS game.
KEY WINS:  West Hills (13-9), Chabot (20-5), Saddleback (20-5), Lassen (18-12), Yuba (18-4), Santa Rosa (15-8), Cuesta (18-9) twice, Allan Hancock (13-13), Sacramento City (12-12) & Reedley (11-11).
LOSSES: Sierra (8-16)
      Luckily for Fresno, Sequoias lost to Columbia in the opening round of conference, this keeps Fresno in sole possession of the #1 spot in conference, for the moment.   Could the lackluster conference be effecting FCC?   I wouldn't be worried, with Coach Madec at the helms, their is never an off day, or night in Fresno, and I'm sure their practices are tougher than most their games at this point.
How Fresno looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (2-0)
QW - (6)   
.500W - (11)
BL - (1)   February 18th will be important for the Rams, as this is when Sierra takes on American River.  Sierra currently has only 8 wins.  With 4 games left, the American River game seems like the best possible chance for Sierra to get that 9th win.  I don't think the Rams will have any worries in this department, Sierra isn't a slouch, and should get that last W to keep this blemish off FCCs playoff criteria this year.

3  - Chabot (20-5)   Conference (6-2)    (-)
     The loss to Ohlone is a tough one for Chabot to swallow at this point.  By sweeping the Renegades Chabot would have looked like a lock for a top 4 seed in the playoff picture.  They still look good at this point, but they have left the door open for other teams.
      Considered bumping them down a spot after they suffered their second loss in conference play.  But they still hold the head-to-head advantage over their closest competitor, Cosumnes River.  Ohlone is close as well, but currently behind Chabot in conference standings, so I cannot have them higher than Chabot at the moment.  Yuba doesn't beat Chabot in any of the 4 categories.  So this left Chabot holding on to the #3 spot in my rankings for this week.    
KEY WINS: Cosumnes River (21-5) twice, Ohlone (20-5), Cabrillo (17-6), Butte (18-7), Contra Costa (13-11)twice, Foothill (12-11), Las Positas (11-13) 3xs, Skyline (10-11)
LOSSES:  Fresno City (24-2), CCSF (23-1), Cosumnes River (21-5) & Ohlone (20-5), San Jose City (17-8)
      Chabot seems to have a routine of falling behind early in their most recent games.  They have put themselves in position where they are constantly pulling off come-from-behind victories.  This can be an issue as you cannot count on these heroics all the time.
How Chabot looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (4-2)
QW - (5)   
.500W - (8)
BL - (0)

4 - Cosumnes River (21-5)   Conference (9-1)     (-)
      Could have ordered the Big 8 Conference Championship banners early had Santa Rosa given the Hawks their first Conference loss.  Still rolling through one of the State's toughest conferences.  4 big games left, with Santa Rosa the final game of the regular season, and what could decide this year's Conference Champion!
       Tied with Ohlone in 3 of the 4 categories.  CRC's win over Cuesta is keeping the Hawks ahead in the category against Automatic Qualifiers.   The Coast-North arguably could have 3 of the top 4 teams based on the 4 criteria I am using.   But CRC is in first place in a very tough conference, so as long as they hold that spot, they should be sitting on a Top 4 seed in my eyes.
KEY WINS: Chabot (20-5), DVC (18-6) twice, Lassen (18-12), Las Positas (10-13), Cuesta (18-9), Delta (11-11) & Sacramento City (12-12)twice
LOSSES: Chabot (20-5) twice, Lassen (18-12) twice & Santa Rosa (15-8)
       February 21st should decide this year's Big 8 Conference Champion.  However, this conference is called the BIG 8 for a reason.  Anything can happen, and any team can win on any given night.  However, it's just an expectation that the game in Santa Rosa on the 21st will be the biggest game of the year for the Hawks.
How CRC looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-0)
QW - (5)   
.500W - (8)  Sacramento City & Delta must remain .500 or better otherwise CRC could lose points here
BL - (0)

5 - Ohlone (20-5)   Conference (6-3)     (-)
     Evening the score with Chabot helps Ohlone dramatically.  Has had a solid pre-season, but has struggled in conference play.  Another loss to Chabot would have really hurt Ohlone, and they are now still in the hunt for 2nd place in the Coast-North Conference.  Beats Yuba in 2 of 3 categories, so holds onto the #5 spot.
KEY WINS: Chabot (20-5), DVC (18-6) twice, Lassen (18-12), San Jose (17-8), Merritt (16-8) twice, Foothill (12-11), Modesto (12-13), Skyline (10-11) & Las Positas (10-13)
LOSSES:  CCSF (23-1), Chabot (20-5), Foothill (12-11), Delta (11-11) & DVC (18-6)
How Ohlone looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (0-0)
QW - (5)    if Merritt can win 2 of last 3 games (vs. Yuba, Contra Costa & Solano) you can jump this up to 7
.500W - (8)
BL - (0)

6 - Yuba  (18-4)   Conference (12-0)    (-)
     Has the Bay Valley Conference Championship locked in for another year.  Still gets to play Merritt, Marin & Los Medanos one more time apiece. Is on a roll, but will the lackluster conference affect the 49ers readiness come playoff time?   Their conference does have many teams over .500, so they are at least in a conference that can help boost their seeding resume for playoffs.  If Merritt ends up with 18 wins Yuba will boost their resume even more.
KEY WINS:  San Francisco (23-1), Merritt (16-8), Los Medanos (15-8), Mt. San Antonio (12-9), Contra Costa (13-11)twice & Marin (12-11)
LOSSES: Fresno City (24-2), Lassen (18-12), Santa Rosa (15-8) & Columbia (11-13)
How Yuba looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-1)
QW - (1)  
.500W - (7)   has a chance to pick up 3 more in this category with 3 of their next games against teams that should add to this category.
BL - (0)

7 - Butte (18-7)   Conference (8-0)   (+2)
      Beating Lassen with a last second shot gave Butte sole possession of the GVC Crown.  Butte is on a roll and will be another team the opposition will not be happy to see in their playoff bracket.   The 2 potential bad losses are keeping Butte from being ranked ahead of Yuba.
KEY WINS: Cabrillo (17-6), Lassen (18-12)twice, Siskiyous (15-11)twice, Redwoods (15-9)twice, Las Positas (10-13), & Lane-Oregon (12-11).
LOSSES: CCSF (23-1), Chabot (20-5), Los Medanos (15-8), Siskiyous (15-11), Cuesta (18-9), Sierra (8-16) & Umpqua (5-16)
How Butte looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-2)
QW - (3)  
.500W - (8)
BL - (2)       Assuming Sierra does not get it's 9th win

8 - Santa Rosa  (15-8)   Conference (8-2)    (+3)
    Still in the hunt for Big 8 Champs, but needs to go perfect the rest of the way.  Their tough pre season schedule is going to hurt them in some playoff seeding categories; (1-6) against potential non-conference automatic qualifiers.    Getting in the Top 2 in the Big 8 will be impressive and allow Santa Rosa a decent seeding for playoffs.
KEY WINS: Cosumnes River (21-5), Yuba (18-4), Los Medanos (15-8), Modesto (12-13) 3xs, Delta (11-11)twice & Marin (12-11)
LOSSES: San Francisco (23-1) 3x's, Fresno (24-2), Antelope Valley (22-4) & San Bernardino (22-7)
How Santa Rosa looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-6)
QW - (2)  
.500W - (6)
BL - (0)

9 - Diablo Valley  (18-6)   Conference (6-4)     (-2)
      Lost to Modesto & Cosumnes River, and pulled out 2 more victories against the bottom dwellers of the Big 8.   Has most of their players back from injuries, and is able to compete with everyone, so most coaches should hope to avoid the DVC playoff bracket this year.
      Their preseason resume is what's really keeping them ahead of Cabrillo & the rest of the crew.  Cabrillo really does not have a good playoff seeding resume (based on the 4 criteria I am using).   However, DVC is flirting with finishing worse than 3rd in conference play, which would dramatically diminish this argument.
KEY WINS:  Ohlone (20-5), Santa Rosa (15-8), Santa Monica (13-9), San Jose (17-8), Sac City (12-12), Skyline (10-11), Cabrillo (17-6), Wayne CC (16-2), Foothill (12-11) twice
LOSSES:  Ohlone (20-5) twice, Cosumnes River (21-5)twice, Modesto (12-13) & Delta (11-11)
How DVC looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-0)
QW - (4)  
.500W - (9)
BL - (0)

10 - Lassen (18-12)    Conference (5-3)   (+2)
      Cannot afford anymore losses in conference.  Has 2 games left and needs to finish with at least a tie for 2nd place with Redwoods.  If finishes behind Redwoods, Lassen is leaving themselves open to being screwed by the seeding committee.  Lassen does, however, have a good resume to be an at-large bid.  Unfortunately, Redwoods does not, and you cannot be seeded higher than a team that finishes better than you in your conference.
       This is a testament to just how bad Cabrillo's resume is for some of the playoff criteria.  Lassen beats them in all categories by a large margin.
KEY WINS: Cosumnes River (21-5) twice, Cuesta (18-9), Redwoods (15-9), Contra Costa (13-11), Yuba (18-4), Siskiyous (15-11) twice, Modesto (12-13), & Foothill (12-11)
LOSSES: Fresno (24-2), Ohlone (20-5), Butte (18-7) twice, Redwoods (15-9), San Jose City (17-8) twice, Cosumnes River (21-5), Mt. Hood (17-5), Sierra (8-16), Sacramento City (12-12) & Wayne CC (16-2)
How Lassen looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (4-2)
QW - (4)  
.500W - (9)
BL - (0)

11 - Cabrillo (17-6)    Conference (8-0)  (-3)
      The drop in my rankings is only based on using the playoff seeding criteria.  Has absolutely the worst conference to be in, if you're trying to gain any arguments for playoff seedings.  San Jose City is the only team that can help Cabrillo boost anything in any categories, other than the Bad Loss category, with De Anza possibly adding .500 wins if they can get over the hump.
      Cabrillo really needs to lock in the conference championship by sweeping San Jose City.  Otherwise their playoff seeding stock could suffer even more.
KEY WINS: San Jose City (17-8), Las Positas (11-13), Merritt (16-8), Modesto (12-13) & Foothill (12-11)
LOSSES: San Francisco (23-1), DVC (18-6), Chabot (20-5), Butte (18-7), Skyline (10-11) & Delta (11-11)
How Cabrillo looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (0-2)
QW - (1)  
.500W - (3)
BL - (0)

12 - San Jose City (13-8)   Conference (4-1)   (-2)
     The Coast-South Conference is really hurting SJCC right now as far as any criteria for playoff seedings.  SJCC, however, can pull out a W on any given night, so they could be a nightmare for anyone in their playoff bracket.
      Has a better resume than Cabrillo for playoff seedings (based on the criteria I'm utilizing).  So SJCC has a better upside if they end up Conference Champs, as far as playoff seeding goes.
      The 2 wins against Lassen in head-to-head may give them an edge over the Cougars, but that is only 1 of many criteria that is used when doing the seeding.
KEY WINS: Chabot (20-5), Lassen (18-12) twice, & Las Positas (10-13)
LOSSES: Fresno (24-2), CCSF (23-1), Cabrillo (17-6), DVC (18-6), Ohlone (20-5), Santa Monica (13-9), Merritt (16-8) & Reedley (11-11)
How San Jose looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (0-3)
QW - (3)  
.500W - (3)
BL - (0)

13 - Merritt (15-8)   Conference (10-3)   (+2)
      Has won 4 straight after the loss to Alameda.  Has 3 games left, including another match against Yuba that could really boost Merritt's seedability if they can pull out a W.
KEY WINS:  San Jose City (17-8) twice, Los Medanos (15-8)twice, Contra Costa (13-11), Marin (12-11)twice & Bakersfield (12-12)
LOSSES: Ohlone (20-5) twice, Yuba (18-4), Cabrillo (17-6), Allan Hancock (13-13), Monterey (10-13), Napa (7-16) & Alameda (2-15)
How Merritt looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (0-0)
QW - (2)  
.500W - (8)
BL - (2)

14 - Delta   (11-11)    Conference  (5-5)    (NR)
     Starting off the season strong, but has really been mediocre the rest of the way.  The win against Sac City is keeping them slightly ahead of Sac at the moment.  Needs to sweep Sac City in order to solidify a playoff spot, since Delta lost both the conference games vs Modesto (currently a 3-way tie between these teams for 4th place in the Big 8)
KEY WINS:  Ohlone (20-5), Cabrillo (17-6), DVC (18-6), Sacramento City (12-12),
LOSSES: Las Positas (11-13), Columbia (11-13), Canada (5-19), West Hills(13-9), Reedley (11-11), Modesto (12-13)twice, Santa Rosa (15-8)twice, Cosumnes River (21-5), CCSF (23-1)
How Delta looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (1-1)
QW - (3)  
.500W - (4)
BL - (1)

15 - Redwoods  (15-9)   Conference (5-3)    (-1)
    Has had a good showing in conference. play.  Not sure how many of the JV games will count towards their record when playoff seeding comes out.  Does not have a great resume for conference seeding.
    Can easily be bumped out by Foothill, Sac City, Sequoias, Contra Costa, Modesto, & Siskiyous for a playoff spot if they don't secure #2 in conference.  A tie won't do it.
KEY WINS: Lassen (18-12), Siskiyous (15-11) & Southwest Oregon (17-6)
LOSSES:  Reedley (11-11), Mendocino (7-16), Modesto (12-13), Spokane CC (16-8), Los Medanos (15-8), Santa Rosa (15-8), Butte (18-7)twice
How Redwoods looks in these playoff seeding categories
AQ Record - (0-0)
QW - (2)  
.500W - (3)
BL - (1)

Other playoff contenders:


Sac City


Contra Costa


West Hills

Siskiyous (plays both Redwoods and Lassen... could really be a spoiler in the last couple weeks)

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CCCAA Website gets new look

If you haven't checked out the website recently, the CCCAA website is looking great.  Check it out here

Oxnard College reinstating Men's & Women's Basketball for 2014-15

from the California Community College Athletic Website

Oxnard Names McClurkin as Men's and Women's Basketball Coach

Oxnard College Athletics is proud to announce Ron McClurkin, a full-time faculty member in the PE/Health Department, as the Head Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coach for the 2014-15 season. "Coach McClurkin has tremendous experience coaching in the conference and brings many intangibles to the position. We are confident that Ron is the right coach to bring both basketball programs back to a high level of success,” said Athletic Director Jonas Crawford.
The appointment brings Coach McClurkin full circle. He was head coach for the Oxnard College men’s team from 1993-2007. During that 14-year span, McClurkin amassed 194 wins and three WSC Championships (2000, 2002, 2003). McClurkin was the head coach at El Camino College (1988-1992). He also led LA City from 1992-1993 and most recently, West LA from 2010-2012.
“I’m excited for the return of a new era in Condor Basketball,” said McClurkin. “I’m happy the program was brought back in time to recruit some excellent local students. I enjoyed working with players like Danny and Juan Guzman, Paul Guerrero, Jess Pena, and Mike Oranda (in my first stint at Oxnard College), who are now professionals in the community. We will continue that tradition in the coming seasons.”

NorCal JC Scores from Friday Night

Northern California Men's Junior College Scores from Friday Night  (1-31-14)

Sacramento 96     -     American River 69

Chabot 74     -     Las Positas 71
       from the Chabot Men's Basketball Facebook page
Chabot escapes Las Positas in a thrilling comeback victory 74-71.
Chabot trailed the entire game and was down 9 points with 2:04 on the clock before their defense picked up multiple steals to take the lead with 40 seconds to go in the game.
Leo Smith was huge down the stretch connecting on 10-10 free throws including the final two of the game to put Chabot up by 3. Leo Smith led all scorers with 22 while also dishing out 4 assists.
Ray Baldwin had a monster game scoring 13 points while pulling down 19 rebounds! Greg Brown had 13 points, 4 rebounds & 3 assists. Big man Andrew Rice had 11 points, 6 rebounds & 3 blocks. Rodney Owens finished with 6 points all in crunch time on put-backs and steals. Again another all around team effort as your Gladiators would not give in.
Record is now 20-4 & 6-1 in conference play.
      from the Las Positas Athletic website
For 38 minutes Friday night, LPC appeared on the verge of its second straight upset victory. Then the roof caved in.
Leading Chabot 70-61 with 2:04 remaining, the Hawks turned the ball over 3 possessions in a row and got outscored 13-1 down the stretch to lose to the Gladiators 74-71 in the annual Coaches vs. Cancer game in Livermore.
LPC fell to 10-12 overall and 2-5 in the Coast Conference North Division. Chabot, ranked #7 in the state and #4 in Northern California, improved to 20-4 overall and 6-1 in conference.
The Hawks led most of the first half and entered halftime with a 29-28 lead. It was 47-47 midway through the second half before LPC went on a 10-2 run to forge a 57-49 lead with 7:15 left.
Five minutes later, Davis Kimble scored 5 straight points to push the Hawks' advantage to 10 at 67-57 with 2:33 remaining. Kimble's two free throws at 2:04 made it 70-61 before the LPC collapse.
After the parade of LPC turnovers, Chabot pulled even at 70-70 before a Kimble foul shot gave the Hawks a 1-point lead with 44.8 seconds left. But that was the final point LPC would score. The Hawks had a chance to tie at the end, but Jacob Contreras' 3-point attempt was well short.
Kimble led LPC with 20 points, Uche Okpalaugo added 15, Contreras had 12, and Steve Cazares contributed 10.
The game was part of a Coaches vs. Cancer doubleheader, with Chabot's women defeating the Lady Hawks in the first game. Proceeds from the evening totaled $2,207, which will be donated to the Coach Costello Scholarship Fund for LPC athletes. The evening was dedicated to the memory of former Hawks' Coach Tony Costello, who passed away Aug. 25 after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

 De Anza 88     -     West Valley 84

San Francisco 134     -     Canada 90    box score

Ohlone 77     -     Foothill 72  OT

Cabrillo 72     -     Hartnell 48
The Cabrillo College Men's Basketball Team began the second half of conference play with a convincing win against an undermanned Hartnell squad. For the second straight game Latrell Wilson came off the bench firing, knocking down 5 three's to help the Seahawks take a 41-24 lead into half time. 
The second half saw Cabrillo's take a 60-30 lead before clearing the bench and letting everyone get into the action. Melvin  Lee came off the bench to contribute 11 points all in the 2nd half and Cabrillo finished with a 72-48 victory. Wilson finished with 18 to lead all scorers, Zavon Jackson and David Abittan each added 9 points on the night.
The win gives Cabrillo a 16-6 record on the year, 7-0 in conference play, with a home contest vs. Monterey Peninsula College on Wednesday February 5th at 5pm up next.

Cosumnes River 62     -     Diablo Valley 61   box score

Merritt 78     -     Mendocino 57    box score

Contra Costa 87     -     Alameda 78
The Comets pulled out the win in their Bay Valley Conference game vs Alameda College last night, winning 87-78. Trailing by 2 at halftime, the Comets came out in the 2nd half the ball inside and attacking the rim for easy buckets. C Daris Workman was a force inside with 20 points and 18 rebounds. G Davion Mize played a strong floor game with 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists. Joining them in double figures was G Armein Outing with 14 and G Marcel Jones with 13. The Comets (11-11, 5-5 in Bay Valley Conference) are back in action Wednesday at Napa Valley College. Tip off is at 7:30 PM... GO COMETS!!!

Santa Rosa 94     -     Modesto 70
 — A hot-shooting Santa Rosa team was too much for the Modesto Junior College men’s basketball team on Friday night.
The Bear Cubs buried 14 of 22 3-pointers and rolled past the Pirates 94-70 in a Big 8 Conference game.
“We really didn’t play bad,” MJC coach Paul Brogan said. “I don’t know if anybody could have beaten Santa Rosa tonight. They put on an unbelievable display.”
Both teams were coming off impressive wins earlier in the week – MJC with its defeat of Diablo Valley College and Santa Rosa with a victory over Cosumnes River.
However, it was Santa Rosa that maintained the excellence, pulling out to a 52-31 lead in the first half.
The Pirates (11-2, 4-4 Big 8) never got closer than 11.
Alec Kobre had 23 points to lead Santa Rosa (13-8., 6-2).
The Pirates were led by Edwin Castellanos, who had 16.
MJC returns to action on Tuesday at home in an important game against Sacramento City, a team they beat earlier this season.
“We’re still battling for a playoff spot and every game is a big game for us,” Brogan said. “Our league ... We think we’re going to get five teams in the playoffs.”
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Solano 88     -     Napa 84

Marin 64     -     Los Medanos 61
PITTSBURG — Troy Moses (15 points) and Stan Kaya (14) were major cogs coming off the bench for the COM men's basketball team, which rallied from 11 down to beat Los Medanos, 64-61. The Mariners (12-10, 6-5) got off to a slow start but roared back, pulling to within 33-26 at the break and surging ahead in the second half.
"We settled in, started to defend and played extremely hard," COM coach Dave Granucci said. "The guys that came off the bench gave us a huge left."

Delta 76     -     Sierra 66  OT     box score

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