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Coach K's Northern California Men's JC Basketball Rankings - Week 6

You would think that as the season progresses it would be easier to determine which teams are deserving of the highest rankings, but in most cases this is still not the case.  It seems that a few top programs have emerged, while the rest of the field could be wide open.  It's still early, with plenty of big time tournaments coming up during December, so teams will get an opportunity to continue to compete for top rankings which will be vital come playoffs.    As always, please remember my rankings are for entertainment purposes only.  My rankings are not affiliated in any way with the CCCAA or any other affiliation.   Thanks for reading.

1) Feather River (14-0)   (-)
Remains as Northern California's only unbeaten team.  Took home the Foothill Championship with wins over Napa, Santa Rosa, and Foothill.  Is back in action December 17th vs. Napa to open the Santa Rosa Tournament.

2) Chabot (8-2)   (+2)
Picked up the signature win it needed by defeating Cabrillo by 20 over the weekend.  Their only two losses were to Feather River, and they are the only team in my 2-5 rankings to pick up a W against a 2-5 team.  So at this point they will move up.  This week they have an opportunity to show they belong this high as they begin the 16 Team Modesto Tournament with an opening round game vs. Contra Costa on Tuesday.  

3) San Francisco (11-1)   (-1)
Figured I'd shake my rankings up a bit by moving Chabot over CCSF in this week's rankings.  CCSF's early victories over Yuba and Mt. San Antonio don't seem to be as impressive as those teams have both struggled to losing records so far this season.  They still have victories over Fresno and Santa Rosa, two teams that are still heavily in the mix and could win their conferences as well.  CCSF will open up the Delta Tournament vs. Sierra on Dec 18th.

4) Cabrillo (7-2)   (-1)
Drops one spot after losing to Chabot over the weekend on the road.  Received 2 first place votes in last weeks coaches poll, so they seem to have garnered quite a bit of attention this far.  Will be back in action vs. Merced to open up the Delta Tournament on December 18th.

5) Las Positas (9-5)   (+2)
Not as impressive a record as some other teams, but has won 6 in a row after winning two tournaments in as many weekends.  During this span they gave both Bakersfield and Santa Monica their 2nd loss of the season, as well as defeating DVC on their home floor.  I tend to skew my rankings for how teams are performing currently, as this is what matters most as the season progresses.  So Las Positas makes the Top 5 and represents the third team from the Coast-North Conference in my Top 5.

6) Santa Rosa (7-4)   (-1)
Drops one spot after a solid weekend, picking up third place in the Foothill Tournament.  Picked up wins over De Anza and Butte while dropping to Feather River on the second night.  If they get hot behind the arc they can compete with anyone.  Will be one of the favorites to win the Big 8 this year in a tough group of contenders.

7) Fresno City (7-5)   (+1)
Benefits from Butte dropping in the rankings.  Had the week off last week, but will jump right back into it this week as they open up the 16 Team Modesto Tournament vs. Pima (Az) on Dec 16th.

8) Los Medanos (8-2)   (+1)
Had the week off and capitalizes on Butte dropping in the rankings.  Has started with a nice record, but has yet to have any signature wins under their belt.  That being said, they still have won games against some solid competition.  Will be back in action on Dec 17th vs. Santa Rosa in the Santa Rosa Tournament. This will be their toughest game of the season and a chance to show if they deserve a higher ranking.
9) Foothill (7-4)   (NR)
Jumps into the rankings after picking up a quality win over Butte over the weekend on way to a second place finish in their own tournament.  Has gone 7-2 since starting the season 0-2.  Also picked up a solid victory over Delta over the weekend.  Will be back in action on Dec 17th vs. Santa Monica at the West Valley Holiday Classic.

10) Cosumnes River (5-3)   (+2)
Took the week off last week, but was able to capitalize on a couple teams dropping in the rankings.  2 of their losses were to #1 Feather River, and has finished 2nd in their two tournament showings so far.  Is another team that could compete at the top of the Big 8 once conference play begins. Will have a chance to go up against more top competition in the 16 Team Modesto Tournament this weekend, where they open up against Ohlone on Dec 15th.

11) Columbia (7-3)   (-)
Holds solid at #11 this week while they had the week off.  Most recent wins have them posting victories over Butte and also Modesto.  Is on a five game winning streak as they head up to Modesto for the 16 Team Tournament where they will open up with Mendocino on Dec 16th.

12) Monterey (7-5)   (NR)
Has gone 5-1 in their last 6 games, giving them enough momentum to earn a top 15 spot in my rankings.  Has a couple solid wins over Los Medanos and Foothill this year that give them credibility.  Will have a chance to prove themselves more as they will open up the  West Valley Tournament against DVC on Dec 17th.

13) Diablo Valley (7-4)   (-3)
Drops three spots in my rankings after going 3-2 in their last five games.  Has a solid argument to be ranked much higher with wins over Shasta, Foothill and Cabrillo so far this year.   Had wins over Alameda & Ohlone over the weekend, but lost to Merritt in a low scoring affair. Is another team that could legitimately compete for the Big 8 crown this year. Will be back in action vs. Monterey on Dec 17th to open the West Valley Tournament.

14) Sacramento City (6-3)   (-1)
Was idle last week, but drops a spot with a couple teams moving up in the rankings.  Gave Feather River a big scare and also has a solid win over Las Positas early this season.  Will be another addition to the 16 Team field of the Modesto Tournament, where they open up vs. Sacramento City on Dec 15th.

15) Butte (6-4)   (-9)
Drops nine spots in my rankings after going 2-4 in their last six games.  Two of these games were close ones, going into OT, which might be the one thing that helped me decide to keep them in the Top 15.  Is a very good team and will be able to compete for the Golden Valley Conference title, but needs a shift in momentum.  They have played a pretty solid schedule so far, with 7 of their 10 games coming against teams that made my Top 15 rankings.  However, they are 3-4 against these same teams.   Will be back in action vs. Delta in the San Joaquin Delta Tournament on Dec 13th.

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NorCal SportsTV's Plays of the Week

Found this over the weekend.
Plays of the Week from NorCalSportsTV's channel, including highlights from both high school and community college ranks.

Coach K's Northern California Men's JC Basketball Rankings - Week 5

As more and more games play out some teams are starting to put their heads above the crowd.  Below is my unofficial rankings for Northern California JC Men's Basketball, for Week 5.
Please remember, our rankings are in no way affiliated with the CCCAA. Our rankings are for entertainment and educational purposes only.  Thanks for reading.

1)  Feather River College (11-0)  (+1)
FRC has been on a tear this season and is the only team in Northern California to remain undefeated. They move up one spot from my previous ranking. They currently own two victories over Chabot, and a CRC Tournament Championship from last weekend.  They are back in action this week at the Foothill Tournament where they will open up against Napa.

2) City College of San Francisco  (10-1)    (-1)
CCSF moves down one spot after holding the #1 spot for all my previous rankings.  Even if CCSF would have remained unbeaten after the Mt. San Antonio Tournament I probably would have still placed them at #2.  CCSF has had a very solid start to the season after winning their own tournament, the Fresno City Tournament and a third place finish at the Mt. San Antonio Tournament where they picked up victories over Orange Coast & Merritt.  Their sole loss of the season was to Moorpark in the second round over the the weekend.  CCSF is back in action against Hartnell this Thursday.

3) Cabrillo (7-1)    (+2)
Cabrillo has moved up two spots from my previous ranking.  They have won four in a row, and their only loss this year was to DVC.  They have played a solid schedule and will continue that trend as they will travel to Chabot this Saturday.

4) Chabot (6-2)    (+3)
Chabot moves up three spots, capitalizing on other teams falling in the rankings.  They were up against Feather River at half, but couldn't get it done as they fell for the second time this year to my #1 ranked team.  They have the talent to continue their upward climb in the rankings, and they will get a chance to prove they should be a top 4 team as they face Napa & Cabrillo this week.

5) Santa Rosa (5-3)   (-2)
SRJC falls two spots in my rankings after going 2-2 in their last 4 games.  The loss to Marin at home could have hurt SRJC even more, but no other team seems to have a better argument for a top 5 spot in my opinion.  They still own a signature victory over Fresno which could be a big one should Fresno be able to turn things around.  Santa Rosa is back in action vs. De Anza in the first round of the Foothill Tournament this week.

6) Butte (5-2)  (-2)
Has fallen two spots after going 1-2 in their last three games.  Took Cabrillo into OT and lost to Columbia at home before getting back to the winning column over De Anza.  Butte is back in action vs. Contra Costa this weekend to open the Foothill Tournament.

7) Las Positas (6-5)  (NR)
Las Positas jumps into the rankings after taking home the tournament championship in a very solid DVC Tournament.  They defeated Sequoias, DVC and gave Santa Monica their 2nd loss of the season during their three game win streak.  Las Positas is back in action Dec 11th vs. Gavilan to open the Skyline Tournament.

8) Fresno City (7-5)   (-3)
Has played a solid schedule, but FCC is usually a team that thrives early in the year.  They are 4-4 in their last 8 games and have dropped 3 spots in my rankings.  They have some time off to work some things out before they begin the loaded Modesto Tournament where they will face Pima, AZ in the first round of a tough bracket.

9) Los Medanos  (8-2)   (-1)
Drops just one spot in my rankings after an impressive start to the season.  Has faced some decent competition this year, but gets a chance to prove themselves in their next three tournaments.  They open up against Santa Rosa in the Santa Rosa Tournament on Dec 17th for their next game.

10) Diablo Valley  (5-3)   (NR)
DVC jumps back into the rankings after a solid couple of weeks. They are 5-1 in their last 6 games, and own the only victory over Cabrillo so far this year.  Other key wins are Shasta & Foothill during this span.  DVC is back in action this week vs. Alameda to start the San Jose City Tournament.

11) Columbia (7-3)   (NR)
Jumps into the rankings after racking up 5 wins (even though 2 were against JV teams).  Their wins against non-JV teams were impressive, as they defeated Modesto, Butte & Gavilan.  Columbia has some time off to prepare for the 16 team Modesto Tournament.  They will open up against Mendocino on Dec. 16th.

12) Cosumnes River  (5-3)   (+1)
Moves up a spot in my rankings after earning a 2nd place finish in the Mendocino Tournament and it's own Cosumnes River James Clark Classic.  CRC has the week off before they head over to Modesto where they will open up against Ohlone in the 16 team tournament.

13) Sacramento City  (6-3)   (+1)
Moves up a spot in our rankings as they took the consolation in the CRC James Clark Classic over the weekend.  Took Feather River to the brink before defeating Merced and Siskiyous over the weekend.  Sacramento City is another team that will be back in action for the Modesto Tournament, where they will open up against Allan Hancock on Dec 15th.

14) Foothill (5-3)  (NR)
Are 5-1 in their last 6 games.  Will be back in action vs. Delta in the Foothill tournament this weekend.

15) Shasta (7-3)  (-)
Hold solid at my #15 spot as they have had an impressive start this year.  They will be back in action on Dec 18th vs. Sequoias.

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Oscar Frayer reopens his recruitment

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Trevor Dunbar & Jalen Canty highlights from CCSF Tip-Off Tournament

NorCalSportsTV has some highlights up of Jalen Canty and Trevor Dunbar during their first three games at CCSF.  Make sure you subscribe to the channel as they seem to be posting lots of video for this basketball season.

Trevor Dunbar highlights

Jalen Canty highlights.

John Bynums Week 2 Rankings for NorCal JC basketball

Signal The Light has there Week 2 rankings for NorCal

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